Māori Proverb


Māori Proverb: Kāore te kumara e kōrero mō tōna ake reka.
Translation: The kumara (sweet potato) does not speak of its own sweetness.
Meaning: You ain’t all that.

YOU, the choice of my parents. by Konai Helu Thaman


You come clad in your fine mats and tapa cloth
Your brown skin bursting with fresh perfumed oil
Your eyes shining like stars in a clear night
YOU, the choice of my parents
You will bring them wealth and fame
With your western-type education
And second-hand car
But you do not know me, my…

Tongan Proverb: Pō fakafitaʻa ʻuli.


Tongan Proverb: Pō fakafitaʻa ʻuli.
English Translation: At night, one persists with steering.
Meaning: One who endures to the end, despite the hardship involved.

The origins of this proverb comes from navigation and the challenges of navigating in the darkness of night, without visible celestial bodies to guide the navigator. Yet, the navigator persists and continues the journey. 

(from Dr. ‘Okusitino Māhina’s Reed Book of Tongan Proverbs)